Computer Aided Design

Origin8 works with some of the best design talent in the industry. 


We can convert sketches and engineering drawings into 3D models and create bespoke designs to customer specification.


Whether you are an individual looking for product realisation/prototype design & build or a global corporation that needs to increase design capacity through offload, Origin8 can fulfil all of your requirements'.   


Services offered include:

  • 3D Modelling (output file in .STP, .STL or .IGS format)

  • Model repair and preparation for analysis/additive manufacture

  • Bespoke 3D design from customer specification

  • Conceptualisation with fully rendered image output

Digital Concept Sketch
Origin8 Group logo in 3D CAD
3D CAD model rendered with environment

                                                                                                        FROM A VIRTUAL IDEA TO A PHYSICAL REALITY

Make an


Fully rendered 3D CAD model
Computer Aided Design