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Everyone is capable of the next great idea - What will yours be?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Ok, so we all have 'those' friends who constantly scheme and dream. The ones who tell you that this time next year they'll be millionaires or that they'll appear on Dragon's Den and take home wheel-barrows full of investment cash. But how often do you hear of their success? Probably not too often, if at all. Even the most enthusiastic person with a fantastic idea needs more than just that. They need a vehicle to help convert their idea into reality.

The vehicle in this instance is a process called 'R2M', which stands for Route-to-Market. This is basically a fancy way of saying 'take your idea from a sketch to having a product for sale'. It sounds obvious, right? But so many people miss this key point and end up spending the rest of their lives wondering what could have been.

Some may be confused by how to get started and may also not appreciate how you don’t need buckets (or wheel-barrows!) of cash to help get an idea off the ground; from a concept in your head to a product in your hands. It takes just 5 steps…

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STEP 1: Tell yourself “I’m going to do this”. Make a promise to yourself to commit. This is, without doubt, the hardest step of all. Maybe you’ve had an idea for a new product since you were a child or maybe you’ve only just thought of something. Either way, getting your idea off the ground requires you to make that first leap of faith and commit to it. So you’re ready to take things further? Exciting, isn’t it?! And so it should be. But beware...as this is often the point where many people get distracted and life's priorities take over. Try to keep hold of that excitement and make the commitment whilst you’re still buzzing about the possibilities that lie ahead. So how do you commit? That’s step 2…

STEP 2: Get the right people involved. To take an idea to market you need people who are well versed in product realisation. People who have a portfolio of similar ventures and who understand the process; a guide, if you will. The world is full of people and companies who will tell you that their product realisation service is better than the rest and our team at Origin8 Group Ltd are no different, except for one thing…. we know this process inside and out. Taking ideas to market is our ‘bread and butter’ in terms of business development. We have helped private inventors, retired grandfathers and tradesmen from all kinds of different industries achieve their goals and bring something out of the ordinary to this world. Once we're on-board, you can rest assured that your idea is in capable and trustworthy hands. We actively promote non-disclosure / confidentiality agreements between all our clients to give them that added level of protection during the concept development/design process.

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STEP 3: Be clear on what you want and what you don’t want. This is your journey and your ‘baby’. The final product needs to reflect your initial idea (or perhaps an improved version of the idea). We find the best approach is to define your requirements during a one-to-one session. At this point, we can review your sketches, scribbles or perhaps even a make-shift prototype you’ve made from card and sticky tape. It doesn't matter what has or hasn't been prepared in advance. The most important element of this session is the conversation. We can quickly determine what is important to you and what you really don’t want to see in the finished product. This could include things like size, colour, functionality, expected cost to make and target retail cost. We can provide suggestions along the way and draw upon our years in industry to help refine the concept you have in mind; making it as viable, cost effective and impressive as possible.

STEP 4: Consider the next steps. Ok, so the design is progressing nicely and it's great to see your idea coming to life but what happens afterwards? How are you going to market and promote your new product even before the first prototype has been made? Getting your idea out into the world needn't wait for physical parts to be made. A website, flyers, business cards, social media postings and word-of-mouth are all great marketing routes, which can start as soon as you have a rendered image of the final design. That's the great thing about computer aided design in this day and age; what you see on screen is what gets produced (usually to within +/- 0.25mm). Origin8 Group Ltd can help with all of your commercial development needs. Why not start taking enquiries before the product is realised? That way you'll have a better understanding of the demand when needed.

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STEP 5: Feel the rush of achievement...but don't take your foot off the gas. So, the design has been completed, a physical prototype has been manufactured and your email inbox is starting to fill with enquiries. Happy days! Enjoy this moment. It's time to feel proud of what you have created and recharge your enthusiasm, incase it ever waivered at all during the development process. Show off your product to friends and family, work colleagues and anyone who shows an interest. The power of word-of-mouth is incredible and not to be underestimated. Couple this with social media posts, videos, advertising flyers and website traffic and any idea in this day and age has the potential to 'go viral'. Maintaining this kind of activity takes effort, but the reward from selling a product that you created is well worth the investment. Let’s make the world a better place….one idea at a time.

Origin8 Group Ltd specialises in product realisation through design, development, prototype manufacture and series production. Time travel and converting lead to gold are beyond their current capabilities, but they welcome any design challenge.
If you have an idea for a part or product that you would like to have designed and made, then please get in touch for an initial, free and no obligation consultation using the online enquiry form www.origin8group.co.uk/contact. Or through the Linked In / Facebook Messenger. You’ll find the team to be reactive, helpful and supportive every step of your journey.

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